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FRONT PAGE, YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for the good ratings! :D This is my first game so please don't be too harsh :P EDIT: We've improved the keystrole recognizion A LOT, the game can register every keystroke now EDIT: We've Fixed the problem with the shurikens now you have enought time to recover even if you have tons of ninjas throwing stars at once EDIT: Now the game is set on EASY by default, if you think it's piece of cake, try NORMAL and HARD In Ninja Hunter it's up to you to defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas! The only qualification: can you spell 'Ninja'? We sure hope so, because spelling correctly and quickly is the only way to stave off this martial arts onslaught. With five different types of Ninjas to defeat, a boss battle after each level, Upgradeable Defenses and Skills and an Epic final battle, Ninja hunter is Ninja Hunting Fun for everyone! INSTRUCTIONS ------------------- Keyboard Type to strike down enemy ninjas 1,2,3 Use special powers once your rage bar is full Up Arrow Tap quickly if stunned from enemy shuriken The army opposing you is seemingly endless, but with quick and accurate typing you'll save the temple and learn how to type as fast as a ninja! Tips & Tricks ------------------ Get Some Help - In between levels you will have the opportunity to buy upgrades to your castle, including purchasing archers. We highly recommend archers as they can really help out in a pinch. Go For the Eyes - Or in this case, the guys who throw those shuriken thingies If they hit you you'll be stunned and unable to type. If they stun you, tap the up arrow quickly until you're free, then concentrate on getting rid of those pesky star throwers! ------------------------- PS: Stay tuned for the sequel. Ninja Hunter 2: Path of Vengeance. A side scroller packed with lots of hack / slash action =)




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